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Angela Shawaryn - President - Zenith Aviation



Angela began her career in aviation in 1997 as a receptionist for Stanford & Associates, but was quickly promoted to increasingly more responsible positions as she demonstrated her business prowess and competence. In 1998 Angela took on direct responsibility for Human Resources, managing all company insurance and retirement plans, and by early 2001, she was responsible for the Marketing and IT functions as well. In 2002, Angela played a critical role by overseeing the transition from Stanford & Associates to Zenith Aviation, Inc.

As the company grew, so did Angela’s business knowledge and experience. In addition to becoming a top-performing sales associate, by 2004 Angela had added corporate travel and Aircraft Market Valuations and Appraisals to her already full schedule. In 2006, Angela assumed oversight responsibility for the Bookkeeping Department, and by 2008 she was also providing oversight and direction for the Warehouse personnel.

In 2008, when Zenith earned their Quality Management System certification, Angela trained for and became an Internal Auditor and assumed the role of Quality Assurance Director for the company. In 2010, Angela became head of the Purchasing Department.

In 2011, having either worked in or been responsible for every department within the company, Mr. Stanford promoted Angela to General Manager of Zenith Aviation. Angela additionally holds responsibility as a Corporate Officer and Board President. Angela was again promoted to President of Zenith Aviation in 2017.

Angela is a Certified QMS Lead Auditor, has attended classes at Germanna Community College and Strayer University.

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