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Aviation parts distributor in Fredericksburg, VA


Zenith Aviation Inc. is committed to providing the aviation and aerospace industries with products and services that meet our customer's requirements and satisfy applicable standards through continual improvement of our Quality Management System.

Ethics Policy

Zenith will conduct its business fairly, impartially, and in an ethical and proper manner. Any External Provider shall conduct its business fairly, impartially, and in an ethical and proper manner; and, in doing so, an External Provider will follow Zenith’s published Business Code of Ethics, which can be downloaded below, or, if available, an External Provider’s version which is consistent with the terms of Zenith’s Business Code of Ethics.

Additionally, our External Providers must adhere to the following:

  • Have an implemented quality management system

  • Use only approved or customer designated external providers, this is to include process sources such as special processes

  • Notify Zenith Aviation and obtain our approval and disposition of any nonconforming processes, products, and/or services.

  • Prevent the use of counterfeit, unapproved, or suspected unapproved parts

  • Notify Zenith Aviation of any changes made to processes, products, and services, as well as changes to their external providers or location of manufacture

  • Flow down to their external providers all customer requirements and any other applicable requirements

  • Provide test reports, authorized release certificates, or certificates of conformity as applicable

  • Retain documented information, including disposition requirements, as well as retention periods for 7 years.

  • Allow Zenith Aviation, our customer, and regulatory authorities right of access to applicable areas of facilities and to applicable documented information, at any level of the supply chain

  • Ensure all relevant personnel are aware of their contribution to product and service conformity, product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior

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