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Zenith Parts Condition Codes

We strive to sell only the highest quality parts, but we also realize that it is unrealistic for us to be experts in all airframes or knowledgeable of every requirement for every part we sell.  Zenith Aviation is not an FAA Authorized Repair Station, so we are unable to determine the airworthiness or serviceability of a part, regardless of its stated condition.  According to the FAA, ultimate responsibility to determine serviceability or airworthiness of a part rests with the maintenance technician prior to the part being installed on an aircraft.  Many of our parts are purchased in bulk-lots from airlines and corporate operators, and although we do a quality check of each part and its accompanying certification paperwork at the time that parts are received, occasionally a certified part may have a re-certification requirement or shelf life that is not communicated on either the part or said paperwork.  We make every effort to accurately list parts and their conditions as represented in the certification documents that accompany the part.

Fortunately, we are proud to work with the best subject matter experts in the industry – our clients!  We rely on you to communicate any special requirements to us in advance, to preclude any possible surprises once a part arrives at your location.  We are happy to provide copies of any and all paperwork that you may request in advance of your placing an order.  If, after reviewing the paperwork, the part does not meet your requirements, alternate parts or serial numbers may be available for you to review. Our friendly, professional sales staff is eager to make sure you get the right part at the best possible price!

To help you with your parts selection, below is a list of Part Conditions used by Zenith Aviation. Please refer to this list when considering a purchase from Zenith. It is important to note that, because of our business model, Zenith guarantees that parts will work when first installed on the aircraft, but no warranties, implied or otherwise, are offered.


Zenith Part Conditions – Defined



A component part or material produced in conformity with approved data that is accompanied by a manufacturer’s material certification at the time of sale, and has no operating time or cycles.



A used component or part which has been overhauled using methods, techniques, and practices acceptable to the FAA and has been disassembled, cleaned, inspected, repaired as necessary, and reassembled. In addition, it has been tested in accordance with approved standards and technical data acceptable to the FAA.


A component that has been rebuilt to original tolerances.  These parts are generally taken in on exchange, rebuilt completely under PMA, and are considered like “New.”  Generally, rebuilt components will be accompanied by an FAA Form 8130-3, and vendor PMA number will be referenced, when applicable, on the airworthiness certification document.



A component or part which has been restored to a serviceable condition in conformity with data acceptable to the FAA.


A component or part which has been altered in conformity with approved data.


A material, component or part which has been examined by means of test procedures to establish conformity with acceptable data.



A component, part or material that is unused and may have been released as surplus by the manufacturer, owner-operator, repair facility, etc.  New Surplus parts from Zenith will NOT be delivered with certification paperwork (such as an OEM C of C or an airworthiness certificate), but MAY have an OEM or repair station tag (most often, but not always, with an inspection stamp), or the part may be sealed in original OEM packaging.  All new surplus parts from our stock will have a Zenith Aviation C of C and trace document to our source.

If you are considering an NS part purchase, please speak with the salesperson about your trace and/or certification requirements BEFORE sending a purchase order.


This is a condition code that was created by Zenith Aviation in an effort to best describe a part that would be otherwise difficult to classify using industry best-practices.  Our business model involves buying parts, in bulk, from airlines, corporate operators, repair stations, etc, when a seller is upgrades or downsizes it’s fleet, and they no longer need the parts for a particular platform.  RECEIVED AS NEW (RAN) are those CONSUMABLE parts that came to us by way of a bulk purchase, that were reported to us at the time of purchase as being new, but did not arrive with certification or airworthiness documents, or in OEM packaging.  We have come to learn that not all operators retain certification paperwork with their parts, as it is our practice to do here at Zenith Aviation, but we also know that most airlines will trust the quality systems of other airlines, operators and repair stations.  Zenith lists these parts as RAN because this is the most accurate description we can think of, but we do so only after a thorough inbound quality inspection by our team reveals that they are new in every way by physical appearance.  Received As New parts will only be accompanied by a Zenith C of C and trace to our source – no other document was provided to us by the seller, so we have nothing else to pass on.


It is our desire to provide as much information as we can about our parts, to help you in making a buying decision.  For this reason, pictures and trace documents are available for all RAN parts and can be sent to potential buyers via email for review.  We sell RAN parts to people across the globe daily, and with our long history selling parts in this condition, we have confidence that they are exactly as reported to us – New – but we cannot, in good conscience, sell a part as New without proper certification from a qualified source.  We ask potential buyers to weigh the condition of these parts as described herein against the requirements of your own quality system prior to purchase.  Please speak with the salesperson about your company’s specific trace and/or certification requirements BEFORE sending a purchase order for an RAN part.



A material, component or part which has been examined by means of visual or test procedures to establish conformity with acceptable data. Generally, this class of part is inspected and tested with No Fault Found (NFF). Zenith Aviation is NOT a repair station or certified to conduct inspections or repairs, but will provide test data if provided to us by a certified repair facility. When no inspection data is provided to us, we will provide only the airworthiness certificate that has been provided to us.



With the exception of “AR” parts, everything we sell is in “Serviceable” condition. This is an FAA term that means that the material, part or component meets the manufacturer’s performance specifications, although a more accurate condition code could be used (such as Repaired, Overhauled, etc). “SV” is a code that Zenith used in our previous inventory tracking system, and we are working diligently to more accurately identify and classify our inventory to reflect one of the conditions listed above. All “SV” parts are legally approved for installation and use, but please inquire of your salesman if you need more information about a part or its airworthiness certification documents.


Parts that have no Release Certificate and are not certified for installation.  AR parts will require AT LEAST testing/inspection, and possible repairs or modification to recertify prior to use.  AR is not authoritatively defined within the industry, but Zenith Aviation defines this class of part as simply having been removed from a Next Higher Assembly (NHA). That NHA could be an aircraft, engine, or an assembly.  Zenith makes bulk purchases of parts when airlines and/or corporate operators sell aircraft or close their doors, and as such can provide trace documents to that seller, but we are often unable to provide NHA data or documentation to support it.

At Zenith Aviation, AR parts fall under 1 of 3 possible categories:

1.  A component, part or material, the condition of which cannot certainly and accurately be classified and therefore its status is unknown.   No guarantee is expressed or implied about the reparability of the part.

2.  A component, part or material that was removed from an NHA and tagged by an operator with a suspected squawk, but the part has not been evaluated by a certified repair station to confirm the squawk.

3.  Occasionally we send an AR part from our stock to a repair station for evaluation but do not complete the repair.  If no sale is pending, or if the evaluation reveals a higher-than average repair cost, we may decide to have the part returned to us in “as-is” condition until a need arises to have the part repaired.  Under this category, the parts are evaluated and are found to be repairable, but no business need existed at the time of the evaluation for us to proceed with the repair.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure the part they order meets their needs prior to committing to the purchase.  We can provide full disclosure only when we understand your requirements, so please ask!  We list these parts as AR even though we know the condition of the part.

Warning to purchasers!!   AR parts are NOT compliant with FAA airworthiness requirements.  Buyers are solely responsible for bringing the parts into compliance with 14 CFR part 21 or other applicable standards, by obtaining all necessary FAA inspections or modifications.  If you are considering an AR part purchase, please speak with the salesperson about your trace ability requirements BEFORE sending a purchase order.  To restate, NO guarantee is expressed or implied about the reparability or condition of our AR stock, and AR parts are sold “as is, where is.”